August 2015

Secondary Convention & HOLA 2013

  • Start Date: 25th November, 2013
  • Finish Date: 27th November, 2013

Mathematics Convention 25th & 26th November

Theme: Into the Future - Mathematics teaching in a time of change

Keeping abreast of the changing curriculum and pedagogy is a continual challenge for all teachers and no less so for teachers of secondary school mathematics. One of the aims of the Australian Mathematics Curriculum is to ensure that students are confident, creative users and communicators of mathematics, able to investigate, represent and interpret situations in their personal and work lives and as active citizens”. To achieve this is the challenge. The use of investigative learning strategies and providing increased opportunities for students to engage in open-ended problem solving scenarios are some of the ways that will help teachers meet the challenge. With the need to implement the Australian Curriculum by July 2015 (for Years F - 10) and the new WACE syllabuses commencing in 2015 for Year 11s, the 2013 Secondary Convention is a must for all mathematics teachers.

Keynote Speakers

Monday 25th Renee Hoareau - AAMT Project Manager Online Teacher Support

Abstract: Changing paradigms for a new world: The case for online communities In our new world, high capacity Internet enables a universal language for learning and intercultural understanding. A slide, touch or click on a mobile device can open a world of rich educational treasures to all teachers. In Australian classrooms, real or virtual, teachers can connect with colleagues, consult with experts, engage in professional learning and access curriculum resources “anywhere, anytime”. These are the promises of the NBN. Australian teachers have the opportunity to adopt new digitally inclusive pedagogies. Renee will discuss the qualities of dynamic online communities and their support role in building teacher capacity for content knowledge and skills required to achieve student excellence in Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. AAMT’s Connect with Maths initiative has commenced. When time, place and access barriers disappear, teachers of Mathematics can work collaboratively to meet our educational goals. The communities of Connect with Maths support a mix of blended (real and virtual) networked teacher activities, providing meaningful and efficient means in approaching the challenges of the 21st century teaching of mathematics.

Tuesday 26th Stephen Phillip - ACARA Test Development Manager

Abstract: Everything you wanted to know about NAPLAN but were too afraid to ask. NAPLAN is now a part of the professional life of most Australian mathematics teachers; but how much do we really know about it? This presentation will shed some light on the mysteries of NAPLAN. How is it made? What exactly does it test? How does it compare to the maths assessments we all write every year? Is it too hard? Is it too easy? What happens to the results? Finally, the future plans for NAPLAN will be introduced: testing the Australian Curriculum via an online platform.

Heads of Learning Area Forum, Wednesday 27th November 

Each year at our Secondary Convention MAWA also runs the Heads of Learning Area Forum day as an additional third day of the convention. The programme of this day is currently being planned in consultation with Heads of Learning, in previous years it has been found to be a valuable day with content important to all HOLA’s.

Registrations have now closed! Contact the office on 08 9345 0388 if you have any questions.

Download copy of the Presenters Timetable and Abstracts

(please note that this schedule is subject to change without notification).


Exhibitor Information!

Venue Address:  Esplanade Hotel Fremantle, Marine Terrace, Fremantle, Western Australia

Venue Room: Sirius Ballroom
Bump in: Sunday 24th November from 18:00pm.
Bump Out Secondary:  Tuesday 26th November from 17:00pm.
Bump Out HOLA:  Wednesday 27th November from 13:30pm.
Booth: 1 x 1800 skirted table 1 x 1800 Panel.
Fascia Sign: 1 x sign per stand 1760mm x 120mm high
Power: 1 x power point per stand

Venue Layout with stand numbers yet to be devised, and will depend the number of exhibitors staying on for HOLA.

Delivery/Pickup Information:

Delivery Address: Collie Street Loading Dock.  Stock for Trade stand can be delivered to the venue after 21st Novmeber.

It is important to use the delivery label.  Confirm with your courier before you arrive at the venue that your consignment had been delivered and note the time, date and who signed for the delivery.

Venue Information

Venue: Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle
Address: Esplanade Hotel Fremantle, Marine Terrace, Fremantle, Western Australia